I’m Christian Taylor. I make YouTube videos all about technology. I love sharing my passion for technology with the world, and I make new videos every Tuesday! When I’m not making videos for my YouTube channel, I’m programming websites, taking photos, designing logos, and more! Please explore my site, and you will find out all of the things that I can do and offer!


I brand myself as “Christian Taylor,” but you may notice that my username on most sites is “Drumrocker365.” Why, you ask?

I’m a drummer (I play drums for The Zach Allen Band), and since I created my YouTube channel before I was a dedicated tech channel, I thought it would be cool to call myself “Drumrocker,” and the 365 number symbolizes that I’m usually playing drums 365 days a year! Even though I’m now a dedicated technology channel, the name stuck and that’s what people know me as, and I haven’t thought of any different usernames I’ve liked.


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