Hi, I’m Christian Taylor.

I’m a tech journalist, web designer, and freelance writer. My main YouTube channel features videos on building a brand, creating websites, and marketing effectively. I also have a YouTube channel where I cover consumer tech, such as smartphones, apps, and accessories.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, managing a freelance web design and writing business. I am also the co-founder of My Sermon Notes, an interactive church app designed to reach the next generation.

My passion is to be a resource for all things tech! Whether you need to know how to build a website for your business, how to do social media marketing, or just what smartphone you should buy, I am here to help. If you are interested in hiring me, you can check out my services here.

Why @CraylorTech?

You may notice that my social media handles are all @CraylorTech. What does Craylor mean? Is it even a word? Probably not. Craylor is a mix of “Christian Taylor!” My content is Craylor Made to fit your needs… see what I did there?