After three different comparisons, it’s time for the third and final battle between the Amazon Echo and the Google Home.

General Questions

When asking the two devices a series of questions, the Amazon Echo tends to respond with “I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to the question I heard” more than answering actual questions. If you want to hear the questions I asked the devices, check out the video below. After the questions I asked, the Google Home is the clear winner for curious minds who are asking it questions. This is mainly due to to the fact that the Google Home uses… Google. It’s advanced Knowledge Graph feature is far more advanced than the abilities of Bing, and for that reason, the Google Home will always excel in this area.

App Comparison

Amazon Echo App Timers and Alarms SectionThe Alexa app is much more advanced than the Home app. While the Home app allows you to customize the news, “my day”, your default music service, and also view available services, the Alexa app goes much further. The Alexa app allows you to view what’s currently playing, see set timers and alarms, and it also allows third party skills to display “cards.” For example, when using the Seven Minute Workout skill, the Echo offers to show demo pictures via “cards” in the Alexa app. This is extremely useful. When I used the Seven Minute Workout service on the Google Home, I didn’t understand many of the exercises, and there was no ability for them to add a card to the Google Home app. Overall, the Alexa App wins in this category.


After three fights, which device is the best? The Google Home! It is more advanced than the Echo, and excels in many of the places that the Echo falls behind. The Echo is definitely a more “well rounded” device, meaning it can do a “wider portfolio” of tasks, but it doesn’t do anything great. The Google Home does less, but what it does do, it does a fantastic job at. The Google Home isn’t right for everyone, though. There are definitely some risks with purchasing the Google Home: Google tends to “bail” on projects pretty quick if they don’t go as planned. At any given moment, Google may give up on the Google Home. Amazon has shown commitment to the Echo, so if you want a “stable but less capable” platform, go with the Echo. If you want the best, most advanced system, go with the Google Home. For more detail, please watch the embedded video below!


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