Finding a quality domain provider can be challenging. There are so many registrars and many factors. Today, I’ll be taking a look at seven options and breaking them down.

GoDaddyGoDaddy Pros and Cons

Being one of the world’s largest registrars gives you a huge advantage. Unfortunately for GoDaddy, that’s one of their only advantages. Aside from their superb live phone support, everything else is not great. Their prices are very steep, and my biggest problem is the amount of stuff they try to sell you. It’s crazy! When adding a domain or other product to your cart, be careful at what is selected, because it’s easy to not pay attention and get charged extra for something you didn’t intend to buy. For that reason, I cannot recommend GoDaddy. I find it unethical of a company to “sneak” stuff into your cart when you didn’t ask for it.

NamecheapNamecheap Pros and Cons

Namecheap is a personal favorite of mine. They’ve got some super solid prices, and they offer quality email hosting and web hosting. Namecheap is a “one stop shop” for your websites. My big annoyance is that they charge extra for WHOIS protection. At $13.75 for a WHOIS-protected .com domain, there are plenty of cheaper options on the market. Namecheap is cheapest for some “more obscure” TLDs like .ch. I can recommend them if they have the cheapest price for the TLD you want. Their panel is clean and simple, and you won’t be disappointed!

NameSilo Pros and ConsNameSilo

NameSilo is the “bargain-basement” of registrars. Their website isn’t pretty, and they don’t have a flashy panel. They have a bare-bones interface with no frills. The advantage to this is getting ridiculously cheap .com domains. You can get a .com domain with FREE WHOIS protection and absolutely NO upsells for just $8.99 per year. Pretty impressive! I’m not a fan of their website interface, so I don’t use them, but I can totally recommend them for the best value.

UniregistryUniregistry Pros and Cons

Now for my personal favorite! Uniregistry is a “win” in many ways. They are a happy medium on pricing and the panel. While a .com domain is $10.88 per year, after the “TopCoin” discount, which is free for everyone to get, the .com price becomes $9.25. It’s completely fool proof, and you are guaranteed to get the discount (as long as the program continues functioning as it is now). They offer free WHOIS protection, have an elegant panel, and even have a fancy iOS and Android app. I’ve come to love Uniregistry, because the downsides are slim. I noticed that there is no email forwarding, which is a standard feature at almost all registrars. In addition, there is not a sliver of live support. You’ll have to open a ticket via email. When I did this, they replied in a timely manner, and I felt that I received quality support.

Epik Pros and ConsEpik

Epik is in an awkward position on the list. I’ll be honest: I really like their panel. I don’t quite like it as much as Uniregistry, but I like it. They also offer free WHOIS protection. The problem is that when it comes to support and mobile compatibility (apps), they don’t come close to Uniregistry. When I tried their live chat, it took literal hours to get a reply! Here’s the unfortunate part: their .com domains are $10 per year. Sadly, I can’t recommend a registar that’s marginally worse than Uniregistry, and that charges $0.75 more per domain per year.

DynadotDynadot Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for the best support in the industry, Dynadot is the way to go! Their pricing isn’t competitive, their panel is less than satisfactory, and their checkout process was a mess, but one thing is for sure: they rule at customer support. They assisted me with my needs very well, and paid close attention to what I asked of them. Personally, it is rare that I need support from my registrar, so the best support isn’t at the top of my list. For me, I won’t be using them personally. However, I can recommend them to you if you want the best support in town!

AlpNames Pros and ConsAlpNames

Last, we have AlpNames. AlpNames is an interesting registrar, because they use a 3rd party system. ResellerClub, which offers domain and hosting reseller packages to companies, has standard “out of the box” website code that all of their resellers must use. For this reason, AlpName’s website is less than stellar. It looks identical to any other ResellerClub website out there, and there’s not much going for it. The only thing it has to it’s advantage is cheap 1st year promos, as well as the cheapest .com price (without free WHOIS protection). Would I recommend them? Nope. The panel is icky, and there’s not much of a reason to use them.


After analyzing all of these registrars, which ones are worth your time?

For ease of purchase/use: Namecheap

For customer support: Dynadot

Best panel: Uniregistry

Best value: NameSilo

Thanks for coming along for the ride! I hope you enjoyed! Which domain registrar do you use? Drop a comment below!


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