I’m doing some traveling over the summer, and I’m looking forward to one trip in particular. I decided I wanted to have a drone to get those Casey Neistat vlog shots, so I started looking into renting one. I checked a site called Lumoid, and it told me I would have to dish out $180 to rent a Phantom 3 Professional for 3 days. For 3 days!

Thinking Logically

I started talking to my videographer friend, and he said something along these lines: “why would you rent a Phantom 3 Pro for three days when you can get a refurbished Phantom 3 Standard for $330?” In addition, he pointed out how renting gives no insurance (except for “50% of the cost in some cases”), and I have no past experience flying a drone, so the shots would be rough.

Why I Only Wanted a Phantom 3 Standard

If I could have rented a Phantom 3 Standard, I would have. My main camera is a Canon T5i, so I shoot in 1080p. A 4K drone would just be downscaled to 1080p anyway. The 2.7K camera of the Phantom 3 Standard leaves plenty of room to zoom digitally and still have a 1080p resolution, which is perfect for me! As it’s my first drone, I don’t care about the further range of the Lightbridge technology.

A Fair Comparison

For those of you who are annoyed that I’m comparing a starter drone to a higher end drone, let me do a fair comparison. With the $749 refurbished price tag of the Phantom 3 Professional, you could buy one for yourself after just 12 days of renting. I know that is more of a jump, but it still shows that renting really isn’t worth it.

There are only two cases where I’d recommend renting:

  • You absolutely cannot afford the full cost
  • You only need it for a few days for something
  • You want the convenience of having it delivered to your hotel room while on a trip

Other than those reasons, you’re better off saving your money and buying the item outright.

What do you think, would you buy or rent a drone? Drop a comment below!

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