Ordering business cards can seem like an overwhelming task. It doesn’t have to be! Here are five options for ordering business cards online, as well as my personal opinion on each website. I’ll be giving the price for 500 cards shipped. Please note that the price will vary based on exact location and time of order.


Vistaprint Logo

Vistaprint is sort of the “Walmart” of printing products. Many people have heard of them, and they are cheap. Unfortunately, the quality is also cheap. At $28.97 for 500 cards, you will receive a distorted, flimsy product. I’ve ordered from Vistaprint many times in the past, and I’ve also taken a look at their free sample kit. I’ve never been satisfied with the quality, and no longer order from them. My advice is to steer clear of them at all costs.


GotPrint LogoGotPrint is the place to go for standard business cards. They offer stunning quality at a reasonable price. $29.61 gets you 500 cards, and these are legitimately some of the best cards I’ve ever seen. They’re sturdy, crystal clear, and have a nice finish. If you’ve got an average budget, and are looking for “normal” business cards, GotPrint is your site! You can request a free sample kit here.


uPrinting LogouPrinting is an okay option for business cards. The unfortunate thing is, the price kills them. At $42.62, there’s no good reason to order from uPrinting. The quality is a step up from Vistaprint, but definitely a step below GotPrint. For that reason, it does not make financial sense to spend $42.62 on a product that is lower quality than GotPrint. I would not recommend uPrinting. Get your free sample kit here.


Moo LogoMoo is the place to order “luxury” business cards. These business cards also come at a “luxury” price tag. With a flat rate of $19.99 per 50 cards, Moo will murder your wallet. For 400 cards, that will run you $139.99. If you want their luxurious cards that they specialize in, that will run you $204.93 for 400 cards. Why 400? Moo does not offer 500 cards as an option. You can either order 400 or 600 cards. Moo does make a good card, it’s just expensive! I can totally recommend them for quality, as I used them for my last business card order and loved it. However, if you go through business cards quickly, I wouldn’t recommend them simply due to the price. If having a high end, thick, premium card is a must have for you, then go with Moo! Get a sample kit here.

Overnight Prints

Overnight Prints LogoOvernight Prints is only good at what it’s name implies: getting prints made overnight. It costs $34.95 to get 500 cards with the standard 3-week delivery, and the quality is equal to uPrinting. For that reason, it doesn’t make sense to order from Overnight Prints for a “standard” order. If, however, you need cards now, Overnight Prints has your back. Their signature B.I.T.G.I.T™ option will run you $70.41 (price varies by location) for overnight shipping. Obviously, this is a steep price to pay, so I’d only do it if you’re desperate for cards and absolutely need them ASAP. Order your sample kit here.


To recap, here are the websites worth your time:

  • GotPrint for all of your standard printing needs
  • Moo for all of your “luxury” card needs
  • Overnight Prints for all of your “I WANT IT NOW” needs

And here are the sites to steer clear of:

  • Vistaprint because the products are crappy
  • uPrinting because the quality is just okay, and is not worth the price

I hope I’ve helped you make a decision on where to buy your business cards. Wherever you choose, it just takes experiences and personal preference to find what’s right for you!

You can check out my video for more information.


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