GH5 + Lens (Goal: $3,000)

New Camera ($837.67) 27.922

If you haven’t already checked out my goals video for 2018, I would recommend giving it a watch:

In the video, I announced my plans to purchase a new camera by the end of this year. I have settled on the Panasonic GH5 with 12-35mm lens. Soon after, I want to purchase some additional lenses and batteries, but I am first going to get over the tremendous hump of saving up for the camera and first lens itself. For all of you who supported my crowdfunding project in 2015 to fund my first DSLR, thank you. I am grateful for not only every financial supporter but every person who watches my content and follows along with it. You guys are the reason I have the inspiration to go further, to do more, to up my quality.

You might be asking, what’s wrong with your current camera? Nothing. My Canon T5i has been a wonderful starter camera, and I will continue to use it as long as is necessary. With that being said, this year I have been inspired to continue to improve my quality, and sometimes that means investing in better gear. The Canon T5i has a lot of artifacting and general grainy footage due to its relatively low-quality sensor. The GH5 will unlock more creative potential with its higher resolution, better sensor, and higher frame rate.

Ok, we get it, you want a new camera. Why should we care? I’m glad you asked. I’ve never really saved for something “expensive” in my life. I’ve always deferred it to “later” and I prioritize other things instead. You’d be surprised how much money we all spend on little things that add up. These things are the reason many of us don’t save up for expensive things. I’ve made a commitment to myself and to every person reading this: that’s not happening this year. No way. I am going to put everything I have into saving for this GH5. It’s going to be a huge challenge and quite frankly I don’t know if it will happen this year, but I’m going to try.

Aside from my minimal bills for things I’ve chosen to keep while on this saving journey, I will not be spending money on anything. Period. I am giving you permission to digitally slap me in the face if you see me buying something of significant value before the GH5. Please, call me out.

Here comes the fun part: I am going to be sharing saving updates here every month on how I’m doing with my current progress. You can keep track of that below.

So, thank you for coming along with me on this journey. Thank you for believing in me and investing your valuable time to watch my content and support me. I look forward to doing big things this year and continuing to grow my channel!

Update: I asked for you guys to call me out if I got off track with my saving goal for my GH5, and you did (shout out to Aaron Wilhelm). So what happened? I upgraded to the Panasonic G7 from my Canon T5i. This has allowed me to jump to 4K more affordably and get into the Panasonic ecosystem. I eventually plan to buy the GH5 (or newest equivalent), but that is a few years out. I was able to get to 4K at a cheaper price while focusing the rest of my resources on improving my content. So here’s to 4K content now and new, improved content!

Last Updated: March, 2018

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