Hello everyone, Welcome to #TheAndroidExperience. If you’re wondering, #TheAndroidExperience is where I test out Android for the first time ever for a full 7 days! It just kicked off today (3/24/2015), and I’m very excited about it! For those of you who know me well, you will know that this will be VERY interesting, since […]

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Poll – please give me your feedback :)

Hey guys,   trying to keep improving my channel. Please let me know below what you would like to see more of on my channel. Have an idea that isn’t listed? Drop me a comment!

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Indiegogo project started!

Hey guys, just started a new Indiegogo project today. Raising funds for a new camera. My goal is $1,000 and I have 45 days. I really hope you’ll consider supporting my project. Thank you for all your support this far. You can view the project at http://igg.me/at/dr365newcamera. Thanks, Christian

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iOS 8 – the good, the bad, and everything in between

As most of you already know, Apple’s iOS 8 just came out this past Wednesday. So what do I think of it? Quick review If you it short and to the point, iOS 8 adds great new features but is currently very buggy at the moment and needs work. I am running off an iPhone […]

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How to make your own website + cost breakdown

Hey everyone,   today we’ll be discussing a widely talked about topic. How do you make a website, where do you start, and how much will it cost? Today, I will be answering some of those questions.   Ok, down to business. So, how exactly do you make a website? Well, you’ll first need a […]

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New website!

Hey everyone,   It’s Drumrocker365 here announcing the brand new website 🙂 Please feel free to explore it and have fun! More great blog posts are coming soon 😀   Thanks, Drumrocker365

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