If you’ve studied Apple at all, you know they don’t discount their software. Ever. Well, I found a way to get Final Cut Pro X for just $273. It’s still priced $299.99 in the Mac App Store (and for me it was $327.74 after tax), but I actually only paid $273. How? Costco is currently running a promotion on discount iTunes gift cards. You can get a $200 gift card, $100 gift card, and $25 gift card for around $270, which has a value of $325. That leaves just about $2 to cover, making the effective price $273. It’s a creative way to get Final Cut Pro at a discount, and I’ve been waiting for some time for a deal like this to happen. If you aren’t a Costco member, eBay offers a similar deal, selling $100 iTunes gift cards for $85 – but hurry, they are almost sold out!

I’ll share my full experience soon of why I switched to Final Cut Pro! For now, I hope you enjoyed this deal alert!

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