Hey guys,


As most of you know, my first crowd funding project to raise funds for my new camera didn’t exactly go so well.. with that being said, I’m not giving up. I wanted to announce that I am trying again (on GoFundMe this time) and I have reduced my goal to $500. I’ve also majorly upped the rewards, so check it out! I hope you guys will contribute. At the time of posting this, I am currently at $25/$500! If I can reach my goal before May 9th, all donors will be entered to win a limited edition t-shirt IN ADDITION to the regular rewards! So hey, if you donate $75 for a limited edition t-shirt, and you happen to win the other t-shirt as well, that’s TWO t-shirts! You can use the other one as pajamas, or give it to your girlfriend, or your dog, or what ever floats your boat!


You can contribute at https://gofundme.com/dr365newcamera


I know with your help we can do this thing! #TeamCrispyFTW




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