As most of you already know, Apple’s iOS 8 just came out this past Wednesday. So what do I think of it?

Quick review

If you it short and to the point, iOS 8 adds great new features but is currently very buggy at the moment and needs work. I am running off an iPhone 4S so definitely lags for me. Overall I’d give this a 3.5 out of 5 star review. Why so low? Well, as before stated, it’s buggy. If it gets updated to fix the bugs and performance issues, I’d raise it to a 4 out of 5 star review. Keep reading for a full review.



For functionality, I’d say iOS is moderately solid. Bugs should be fixed in 8.0.1 and performance enhancements hopefully will be in 8.1.


  • Interactive notifications – these are amazing and probably the most convenient feature of iOS 8. Much loved.
  • 3rd party keyboards – this is also a feature I was stoked about. My 2 favorite keyboards so far are Swift Keys (FREE) and Fleksy ($0.99). Swift Keys is pretty smooth to type with, but buggy, and the autocorrect isn’t so good. Fleksy’s autocorrect has plenty to offer, best autocorrect I’ve seen. Although, I really miss the predictive text bar. I use mainly Fleksy as my primary keyboard, and Swift Keys for when I want swipe. Sadly, I still find myself running back to the default keyboard, as other apps are glitchy, and not to mention, the default keyboard just works. Plain and simple.
  • iCloud Drive  so far this thing has been a wreck. I haven’t found any apps that even work with it yet, I don’t understand how I can view my files on iOS, and I tried to download it for windows on the Apple site and I get a “404” not found error. For those of you who have a Mac you have to wait for OS X Yosemite to even use it with your Mac – ouch! ALL of your devices must be on iOS 8 for them to sync as well.
  • Health App – another wreck. This thing wasn’t ready for the release. Apple has forced all HealthKit apps to be removed temporarily from the app store, because it simply wasn’t ready.
  • Battery life – I’m super disappointed in the battery life. It’s gotten 2x worse from iOS 7, and I don’t really understand why. It’s graphically the same.



  • Overall – the graphical experience of iOS 8 is stunning, and just builds on the amazing look of iOS 7.


Wrap it up

Overall, I think iOS 8 has amazing potential, but the big A simply wasn’t ready to release it! What do you guys think? Feel free to leave a comment.




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