Christmas is approaching fast, and if you are finding yourself in a panic to find a gift for a tech lover, fear not! This list is full of items that can help you with your gift hunt. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

5. A Key TrackerTile Mate

A key tracker is a great place to start for a last minute tech gift. Some good options are the Tile Mate, Tile Slim, XY3 by XY Find It, and the MYNT. All of these trackers have their own benefits and quirks, so I suggest looking up reviews before making a purchase decision. I have reviews on my YouTube Channel on the Tile Slim and XY3.

Amazon Echo4. Amazon Echo/Google Home

If you know someone who’s looking for a way to spice up their home, the Amazon Echo and Google Home are some great options. These smart assistant devices allow you to control your lights with just your voice. They can also answer questions, play music, order an Uber, and more. The Amazon Echo and Google Home are very similar, so you might be challenged with the question of which one to go with. Let’s put it this way: it’s down to what the person is invested in. If the person is an Amazon fanatic, and loves Prime Music and ordering things via Amazon Prime, go with the Amazon Echo. If, however, they’re all about Google and all things Android, get them the Google Home. As of now, the Echo has more support for 3rd party apps, but the Google Home is catching up fast. That’s why it’s most important to go off of what ecosystem the user is invested in, rather than which is technically “best” as of now. I personally prefer the Google Home. It’s not perfect though, so check out this article on common problems with the Google Home and how to fix them. If you’re on a tight budget, consider the Amazon Echo Dot.

3. BackblazeBackblaze

Are your relatives backing up their computer to an off-site location? Chances are, they’re not. With many people not understanding the importance of backups, Backblaze is a great way to get your friends and family started. For just $50 for a 1 year subscription, Backblaze allows them to ship their files up to the cloud with ease. There’s no storage limit, they can back up their external hard drives, and it’s an install-and-forget kind of software. There is no advanced computer knowledge required, so any person can enjoy it. Users will sleep better knowing their files are backed up!

Google Pixel2. Google Pixel

Want to go big this year for Christmas? Gift someone a Google Pixel. While it’s not cheap, this is one of the top smartphones of 2016. If you know someone who wants to get into the Android ecosystem, or just have a more simple Android phone, the Google Pixel is a great buy. It’s pure Android, so you won’t have to root it to remove bloatware. It functions closer to an iPhone than most other Android phones, and simplicity is it’s strength.

1. PayPal Digital GiftsPayPal

Are you in a time crunch? Like, an extreme time crunch? Turn to PayPal Digital Gifts. Within a few hours, users can have an eGift Card sent from most major places such as Apple Music, iTunes, Best Buy, Game Stop, Spotify, Steam, Netflix, and more! The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great last minute option.

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