LastPass recently made mobile sync free to all users. With the change, the giant may have killed a good amount of it’s income from Premium users. Now that mobile sync is free, should you still subscribe to LastPass Premium?

LastPass Premium was Once Great

There once was a day when Premium was worth it. For $12 per year, users could get unlimited syncing to all devices. It was a low price to pay for a high perk in return. Recently, LastPass announced a change to their business model: mobile syncing is now free. This got me to thinking, why pay $12 per year?

The Truth Is, There’s No Good Reason

In my honest opinion, there’s no logical reason to pay for Premium. I figured I had to be miss-understanding something, and there had to be a catch. I sent a support ticket to LastPass, and here was their reply:

As a LastPass Premium customer and for just $12/year, you’ll still enjoy the additional value that Premium offers, including priority customer support, group password sharing with up to 5 others, and additional two-factor authentication options like YubiKey. Premium subscribers will get access to any new features and improvements we add to LastPass Premium.
LastPass Premium includes:
· Family password sharing (up to 5 users, with the Shared Family Folder)
· Premium two-factor authentication (YubiKey and Sesame)
· Desktop application logins (with LastPass for Applications)
· 1GB encrypted file storage
· Desktop fingerprint identification
· Priority customer support
· An ad-free vault

LastPass Free includes:
· Unlimited device sync
· Save & fill passwords
· Secure notes
· Password generator
· Two-factor authentication

What does this mean? Essentially, the only reason I can see to pay up is if you want fancy 2-step verification, or if you want to log in with your fingerprint (via desktop). I can destroy all of the other “incentives” right here, right now.

Family Sharing is Cloud Synced!

With Premium, family sharing is cloud synced. This means that if a user shares a password with another Premium user, it will by synced. If they change the password, the password will also change in their friend’s vault. Here’s my problem with this: the other user also has to have Premium. I’m not sure about you, but most of my friends and relatives do not subscribe to Premium. This really puts a damper on things.

Desktop Applications!

Desktop Applications, you say. Let me ask you something: how often do you really need to log in on a desktop application? If you’re one of the rare users who says “often,” you can disregard this. Otherwise, let’s get real. Most of our lives are in our browsers, and this feature is a total gimmick.

1GB File Storage!

Sorry, but this isn’t Dropbox or Google Drive. Enough said.

Priority Customer Support!

How often have you legitimately contacted LastPass support? I have a few times, and they normally take a few days to reply, even with “priority” support. You can still receive quality support for free – you just may have to wait a few extra days.

LastPass adAd-free vault!

This one alone could make Premium worth it.. if the ads were actually annoying. The “ads” are just for LastPass internally, meaning it’s just a simple, non-invasive banner about Premium. The reason for this is security: Google Adsense and other advertising platforms have been known to let malicious ads slip by every now and then, and security on a password vault is essential.

Conclusion: I’m Letting Premium Go

As a 3-year Premium subscriber, I’ve made the decision to not renew this year. There isn’t enough incentive anymore, and until LastPass adds more features, or makes the ads darn annoying, I’ll be sticking to the free version. What do you think? Is Premium worth it?

Is LastPass Premium Worth It?

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    Kyle Gibson Reply August 22, 2019 at 8:58 AM

    Great article, thanks!

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