While it may seem boring, choosing the right domain registrar for you is important. Prices, panel functionality, and customer service all play a role in the overall quality of a registrar. I previously used Namecheap for all of my domain needs, but then I started to branch off and tested many other options.

Why I Left Namecheap

I’ve never had a problem with Namecheap. They have reasonable prices, outstanding customer service, and a decent UI. But then my inner penny-pincher got a hold of me. Uniregistry offered .com domains for $9.25 each with free WHOIS protection. How could I say no to that? Namecheap is $13.75 per year for a .com domain with WHOIS protection. Naturally, Uniregistry was the best option for price reasons.

The Turning Point

Uniregistry has a good panel, but they don’t have support like Namecheap does. Slowly, I found myself missing Namecheap. I also found myself buying new domains at Namecheap because they had a cheaper first-year price. In addition, I buy most of my domains at Namecheap on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday annual sale (which I’ve praised many times). With the addition of several .co domains to my portfolio, they are cheaper to renew at Namecheap over Uniregistry (fun fact: Uniregistry resells a lot of their TLDs [including .co] from Namecheap). With all of these factors, I decided it was better to have everything in one place. I also enjoy having the best customer support over having to keep track of different registrars for each TLD.

Then they dropped the bombshell!

A few months ago, Namecheap introduced free WHOIS protection for life. They did also raise their prices, but it still comes out cheaper total, at $13.16 per year for a .COM domain.

If you want to try Namecheap out, you can check them out here.

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