With so many key trackers on the market, it can be hard to decide what to buy. Today I’ll be looking at the MYNT, another player in the smart tracker market. The MYNT retails for $19.99, but is it any good?

The Remote Control Settings of the MYNT Smart TrackerSpecial Features

The MYNT tracker pushes it’s ability to be a Bluetooth remote as it’s main unique feature. Using the app, users can configure the button presses to perform different tasks. Examples include playing and pausing music, taking a photo, turning the phone’s volume up and down, and more. it’s easy to customize everything using the app, and I found that the triggers work accurately and as expected.


General Functionality

At the end of the day, this is a key tracker. The performance is underwhelming, with my phone struggling to connect to it at times. It can take a few seconds up to a few minutes to connect, it all depends on the day. In addition, sometimes pressing the ring button simply doesn’t work, even when it’s in range. Due to it’s spotty connection, I can’t really recommend it as a key tracker.

Battery Life

The battery life seems alright, but the battery meter is unreliable. Some days it says 70%, while other days it says 100%. The battery claims of lasting 1 year, but only time will tell. I’ve concluded that you can’t trust the battery meter for an accurate reading. On the bright side, the battery is replaceable, so if it does die sooner than expected, just pop another one in and you’re good to go.


The MYNT Smart Tracker

The design of the key tracker is outstanding. I like how thin it is, and I like the refreshing brushed metal look. It fits great on a keychain. I also want to mention that the speaker is located on the side, which is great. This means it won’t be muffled by sound. My only gripe would be how difficult it is to access the battery. I have to use a knife to get the compartment open, and the cradle the battery sits in feels pretty cheap.


The MYNT tracker says it’s “water resistant” out of the box, but if you want total protection, they offer a waterproofing silicone sleeve. The sleeve is great, because it’s nice and protective. The company claims that you can even swim with your tracker if you have the sleeve on. There’s one problem: it totally blocks the speaker. With the sleeve on, you can barely hear the tracker. Certainly not well enough to locate your keys if they got lost. I understand that the speaker must be covered in order for it to be waterpoof, but I think there are alternate solutions, such as the waterproof mesh used to cover speakers on highly water resistant smartphones.


In the end, should you buy the MYNT smart tracker? It depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re looking for a solid Bluetooth remote for your phone, the MYNT does an outstanding job at it. If you’re looking for a tracker for your keys, I’d have to recommend checking out some alternatives, such as the Tile Mate or XY3 by XY Find It. What key tracker do you have? Drop some feedback in the poll below!

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