Managing email can be a real challenge. With so many connected devices, it can feel overwhelming to manage multiple email accounts on multiple devices. Newton Mail offers a creative solution: cloud syncing all of your email accounts between all of your devices. Today, they are completing their mission by adding their last missing platform: Windows.

Newton Mail is now available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android! Why is this a big deal? They hit it on the head in their press release:

We believe an email service is only complete if it’s available everywhere you work. While mobile helps to be on top of things on the go, most work happens on desktop. After getting you up to speed with emailing on mobile devices, it was a natural next step for us to build the desktop apps to complete the offering — Mac to start with. We launched the Mac app last year, and here we are today ready with our Windows app.

Usually, Windows users don’t get much love from developers; good software only comes to Mac. But, not anymore.

I’ve been testing Newton Mail for several months, and I’ve had access to the beta Windows version, and I’ve gotta say – having all of your email accounts on all of your devices in one app is amazing!

But They Didn’t Stop There.

On top of the cloud syncing and multi-platform functionality, Newton Mail has what it calls “superchargers.” Read receipts are automatically embedded in emails, the “Tidy Inbox” feature separates newsletters and other less important emails from the important stuff, and Undo Send lets you undo that embarrassing email you accidentally sent. These are just a few of the valuable superchargers available.

Newton is Magic.

Newton Mail just works. It honestly feels like magic! Everything functions well together, and there are no bugs or glitches. I can’t describe how much I’ve enjoyed the continuity and advanced features not available on other email platforms.

Newton Faces a Challenge.

Unfortunately, not many things are perfect in life, and Newton falls short in one important area: price. Newton asks you to surrender $49.99 of your hard earned cash every year for access to the platform. Now, I get it, this is no “normal” email client. Such a premium platform is expected to come at a price, but not $49.99/year. I asked a tech enthusiast with established income what they thought of the price, and they agreed that it was too expensive. My proposal to Newton is this: either drop the price to somewhere around $25 per year or throw in some free custom email hosting ([email protected]) – something that would easily make it worth $49.99 per year.

Who is Newton For?

If you’ve just got one or two email accounts, Newton Mail is not for you. Inbox by Google is my favorite option for Gmail users. Bluemail is my next recommended app for iOS and Android. Mailbird for Windows is a free option that is high quality and recommended.

If you are an email power user with many accounts, and you see the value to the superchargers, Newton Mail is worth it. Although it is a hard price to cough up, I definitely see the value in it, and I personally would pay for it. Even the fact that you don’t have to add SMTP details for 3+ email accounts when you get a new phone makes it that much better.

What do you think, is Newton Mail worth it? Drop a comment down below!

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