It may strike you as odd that I’m writing about grammar, but it’s time for me to share something that’s been bugging be for quite some time. While this error can happen anywhere, it typically occurs in the tech community. Here’s what it is: I hear various YouTubers and other media influencers say stuff such as: “Apple are doing a great job on the next iPhone. GoPro are letting me borrow their latest camera. Elgato have sent me a package.”

I’m here to break some news to you: that is so wrong!

A company is one singular unit, therefore you should use a singular verb. For example, you should say, “Apple has sent me the new iPhone.” Treat Apple as if they are a person. You wouldn’t say, “Zach have sent me an iPhone,” instead, you would say, “Zach has sent me an iPhone.”

Just to verify my theory, I reached out to Andrew Pudewa, the director of IEW. IEW is a grammar and writing curriculum, which teaches strong writing and grammar skills. I asked him about my suspicions, and this is what he said:

I am pretty sure that almost any company name is singular and should, therefore, take the singular verb. “Microsoft is doing evil things…” but if there is a qualifier that changes the subject of the clause to a plural noun, such as “The people at Apple are doing interesting things.” Here is an example: “Whole Foods is a great company to work for.” “Whole Foods stores are expensive places to shop.” …  People who say “Apple are doing great things today” are just wrong.

There you have it! So, please, for the sake of grammar, please stop committing this sin! Now that you’ve been educated, I know it may be tempting to stick with the crowd and say it incorrectly as many people do, but please be strong! #GrammarRulesMatter

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