Google I/O 2017 has concluded, and I’ve gotta say: I think Android will take over the world. “But Christian, you’re just excited from the usual hype! Give it a week and then tell us that.” I think Android will take over the world for a number of reasons, so let’s address each one.

It’s Getting Optimized

With each new update, Android is optimized more and more. This means it’s becoming more efficient and less of a battery hog. Optimization has always been a common gripe about Android (and why many use iOS), and it’s getting better.


Android is more secure than ever. At Google I/O 2017, security was a common theme with the Android O spotlight. Google announced “Play Protect,” a new app scanning feature built into Android to keep you safe and secure. I’ve been using Android full time for over a year, and I am yet to have one security problem.

Plenty of Hardware Options

This is a huge advantage over the iPhone. Android offers plenty of hardware options. Whether you can afford a $50 starter phone, or a $1,000 gem, Android has something for everyone. Spending more money typically means you get more features and more speed, and Android makes it easy for you to decide exactly how much you spend on your phone. That’s much harder to say about the iPhone. Unless you buy a used iPhone, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to adjust the price. In addition, top Android phones can offer more. As of the writing of this article, you can’t get an iPhone with a curved display or wireless charging. Or a headphone jack. Android gives you the power to do this, or not! It’s up to you.

Apple Is Slowly Dying

With each breath, Apple continues to kill itself. It’s the silly things like the removal of the headphone jack, a rumored price hike in the 2017 iPhone, and the pure lack of innovation (*cough* Magic Mouse 2) that is responsible for the demise of Apple. The hardcore fanboys will stay with Apple, of course, but if Android can win the confidence of the general public, a shift from iOS to Android will ultimately occur.

What’s Stopping Android

Android has a lot going for it, but there are two general things stopping it: confidence and loyalty. First, the general public lacks confidence in the platform. With flops like the Galaxy Note7, consumers don’t understand what was the cause, they just associate it with Android. In reality, Samsung is 100% to blame for their hardware choices (specifically, the battery). The general public has also been sold that Android is “insecure,” which is a total lie with the newer versions of Android. Next, loyalty. I’ll admit, Apple has a good thing going with iMessage and FaceTime. They are proprietary to Apple products, and people like them. For the average person, life without FaceTime and iMessage seems like pure death. Also, many consumers are concerned about losing the apps they have already purchased on the App Store. The jump away from iMessage was hard for me at first, but with modern platforms like Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger, I don’t feel like I’m missing any of the fancy chat features.

What do you think? Will Android take over the world as the favored OS? Android is gaining steam with each day, and Apple isn’t helping its case. Let me know what you think in a comment below!

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