I’ve been hyping “2.26.19” on social media for a few days now. I said it was going to be a HUGE announcement, and I meant it.

My big announcement video!

What went down

In my announcement, I broke the news that I am moving my content to a BRAND NEW YouTube channel. Yes, the current videos I am making now are going to be uploaded to a brand new channel.

Why? Are you drunk?

It may not make sense that I am starting over with my subscriber count and audience, but let me explain. My community is broken. I have grown SO MUCH as a creator over my years on YouTube, and I have gone through different phases. From my start with comedy, to tech, to vlogs in Hawaii, back to tech, and then my Apple phase. I have gathered subscribers through various popular videos. From browser comparisons, a Matt Greiner drum lesson, and more. My audience comes from many different places, and they all subscribed for different reasons.

This creates two problems..

First, my community is confused! Some people expect more drum lessons, some people want more browser comparisons, others want domain and hosting videos, and still some would like me to bring vlogs back. This means that my community isn’t as active as it could be, and this ends up hurting my channel.

Second, the YouTube algorithm is confused! It’s crucial that the algorithm knows who my channel is for and who to serve my content to so I can grow and be pushed in the recommended feed. That is nearly impossible with my top watched videos are all different topics and niches.

Fixing the community

This is where you come in! If you are still reading, I am so thankful that you’ve chosen to follow me all this time. I’m asking you to subscribe to my new YouTube channel and click the bell icon HERE. Thanks, you’re amazing!

What about the current channel?

Glad you asked! I’m actually expanding my brand by using my current channel to post videos about domains, hosting, building websites, and browser comparisons. I love those topics and I want to cater to that niche as well. That channel gives me an opportunity to run with the success I’ve had with browser comparison and domain videos and do more of that. And as for my in-depth consumer tech videos, those aren’t going anywhere! That’s what the new channel is for.

Thank you for trusting me.

Thank you for trusting me with your time and going with me on this journey! I am so thankful for my community and I can’t wait to see where this new channel takes me.

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