While there are plenty of articles and videos about drones and accessories, I haven’t seen too many about companion apps to help fly your drone. That’s why I’m sharing my list of companion apps to assist you with your drone experience!


We’ll start off with Windy. This is a simple app that shows the wind in your current location in a “radar-like” fashion. If it’s blue, you’re good to go. If it’s green, you’ll need to use caution when flying. If it’s any color past the green, you’ll want to pick a different time to fly. It’s simple, it’s free, and I always check it before sending my bird up.


This is another app I always use before flying. AirMap is a simple and clean app that lets you check your surroundings befoe flying. It notifies you if there’s any airports or other significant landmarks in a certain radius of you. If you’re within 5 miles of an airport, the FAA requires you to call the airport and notify them. The number for the airport is listed, and you can call them with one tap.
Side note: the FAA has a free official app called “B4UFly” that aims to tackle this concept, but it is very poorly developed. I much prefer AirMap and would recommend it over B4UFly.

Phantom Pilots

Phantom Pilots is an app for a great forum community. The site is a great resource to learn and discuss aspects of your drone. I’ve had several beneficial discussions on there that have taught me some crucial aspects of my drone. It’s fun to participate in, and it’s 100% free! Are you a Mavic or Inspire pilot? The same company offers several different sites and apps, such as Mavic Pilots and Inspire Pilots. There’s something for everyone!


If you’re a DJI drone owner, this one is a given. Regardless, it is an essential app for flying your drone. DJI Go allows you to view a live camera feed, review flight logs, and even get into some nerdy info (such as battery statistics and details). It is useful for that reason alone, but a lot of people don’t realize a hidden feature: it has an internal video editor. It’s nothing fancy, and you won’t be making a super cinematic drone film using it, but it’s good enough to throw together a few clips to show your friends.


Finally, we’ve come to Litchi. If you want to give a fully autonomous drone flight a shot, Litchi allows you to map out your flight plan ahead of time on a map, and upload it to the drone. After that, the drone flies itself! That’s pretty neat. While I don’t personally have Litchi, I felt like it should be an honorable mention. I may be doing a review in the future, so be on the lookout for that!

Check out the full video version below!

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