What’s on my phone? Today I’m sharing that with you! While there are tons of apps on my phone, I’m just sharing my top apps that I tend to use frequently. While these apps are for Android, most of them are also available on iOS.

Cover artAuthy | Authy is my favorite 2-factor authentication app, and for a good reason: it stores your authentication keys in the cloud. If you’ve ever used Google Authenticator, you know that if you lose or reset your phone, all of your 2FA keys are wiped out and you are left to clean up the mess of getting back in to each one of your accounts. Authy syncs your 2FA keys via the cloud, so you can simply enter your backup password on any device and get instant access to your keys! If you use 2-factor authentication and you’re not using Authy, drop everything and get this app now! Side note: for the well being of both you and me – please, please add a backup method to get in to your account. I’m thankful I did this on all of my accounts so I was able to get in without the 2FA keys.

Hiya IconHiya | Tired of spam calls? Me too! Hiya is a simple app that blocks  suspicious numbers by automatically rejecting the call. It works from user reports – if you receive a spam call, report it in Hiya. After a few users report the number (to verify that it’s actually spam), it will start blocking that number for anyone who has the app installed. The cool part is that you can see what the reports are for on specific numbers, and have peace of mind that you won’t be answering to a telemarketer anymore!

XFINITY Stream IconXFINITY Stream | This one will only help you out if you’ve got an XFINITY subscription, but it is one of my essentials. XFINITY Stream is pretty self explanatory – it allows you to stream live TV and watch your recorded shows. It even works when you’re away from home, so it’s great for road trips! If you’ve got an XFINITY subscription and you don’t have this installed, you’re missing out!

GboardGboard Icon | Want the best, purest keyboard on Android? Gboard is for you! If you crave that “stock Android” look, and if you’re a Google junkie, Gboard is Google’s default, stock keyboard that it pushes with Android. I love it! It’s speedy and smooth, and I like that you can change the background to anything you want. It’s simple, but absolutely recommended.

IFTTTIFTTT Icon | Automate your life with IFTTT. From simple tasks like tweeting your Instagram posts as native photos, to turning on your LIFX lights with Google Assistant, IFTTT is the best way to link many products and services together. It’s a free app, and they also have a website where you can perform the same tasks. Create “Applets” to run your custom functions! The sky is the limit, so download it and go to town.

Pop The Circle IconPop The Circle | This is a simple and engaging game that works like this: tap the colored circle when the moving grey circle is hovering over it! It’s easy and fun. Set high scores, and compete with your friends! Watch my video to get a better idea at how the game works, or download it now and try it for yourself! It’s free, and you can’t go wrong with downloading it.

StravaStrava Icon | If you workout or go running, have you ever wondered how far you run? Do you wish you could see your running/workout history? Wish no longer. Strava is a freemium service offering a free app to track your progress! You can “record” a run within the app and it will count the miles for you, or you can input manual data if you worked out on a cardio machine at the gym. You can link Strava with various smart wearables, including Fitbit. All of the basic tracking features are available for free, and you can get additional features for $7.99 per month.

Opinion Rewards IconOpinion Rewards | Google Opinion Rewards offers Google Play credits in exchange for completing short surveys. Usually 2-5 questions long, the surveys are brief and completely random. You may get 1 per week, or 10 per day, you never know! The surveys typically credit you between $0.10 and $0.50 per survey taken. You won’t get rich from this app, but the credits do add up. It’s nice to have some money in your Google Play account when you want to buy something! I’ve earned about $35 over a year.

Those are the top apps on my phone! What are your essentials apps? Drop a comment below!

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