The following text is a letter that I’ve written to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. Weather he responds or not, well, we’ll see.


Dear Tim,

Today I am writing to you with my frustration and disappointment with Apple Music. I am a long time Spotify user, however, Apple sometimes kicks butt against other services when they make their own competition. I am sad to say that this was far from the case with Apple Music. I have many frustrations. Please see my following reasons of why I hate Apple Music (in order from most annoying to least annoying).

– Apple Music has deleted the offline copies of my music over and over again. From my entire offline library being deleted, to an album here and there disappearing for offline listening, I’ve had to re-download my music so many times it’s just embarrassing. Many times I say to a friend, “let’s listen to ___ album!” only to go into my Apple Music library and find that the offline copy has been randomly deleted for no reason again.

– Apple Music has a cluttered interface. Compared to Spotify, Apple Music’s UI is CONFUSING. This is a big disappointment to me since Apple always seems to be king of having simple and easy user interfaces. Apple Music’s interface is also NOT friendly for iPhone 4S users like me. The “tell us what you’re into” screen is such a convoluted mess that I gave up on it. For one, the “bubbles” are crammed onto my tiny 3.5 inch screen. For another thing, I have a very different taste of music compared to the average listener. By picking my favorite genres I am then presented with only major mainstream bands that I don’t listen to. Ditch the bubbles! Either (1) learn from what I listen to and automatically build recommendations based on that (*cough* Spotify does this very well), or (2) give me a basic list of artists to pick from (no annoying bubbles!) and also give me a search bar to search for any artists.Also, the “My Music” tab could not be more confusing. Why can I just get to “Playlists” by swiping left? Why can’t I swipe left many times for music by artist, album, song, etc.? Why is there a drop down for how the music is displayed, yet a separate tab for playlists? Furthermore, why do I have to click the eclipse on albums and sort through many options just to find the download for offline option? Why can’t you make a little download icon next to the “+” icon?

– Connect. Apple Music’s “Connect” feature is an absolute failure. It just gets in the way and quite honestly no one uses it. Please don’t try to be another social network – just don’t.

– Bugs. It’s just not there. I’ve had 3 annoying things happen to me: (1) I saved an album to my library and instead of the song title, it has some sort of “ID” number. (2) I’ve had album artwork randomly disappear on me. (3) I’ve had songs from an album suddenly disappear. When I tapped the “add all songs from this album” button, not only did it add the missing songs, it also added ALL of the songs. So all of the songs already saved from that album were added a second time. I had a very fun time hitting the eclipse and searching for “Remove from My Music” for 10+ duplicate songs.. Speaking of, why is there no swipe right for delete option? This is a common thing in iOS and I just don’t understand why it’s not a part of Apple Music.

– The price. Spotify is super solid, it’s reliable, it’s been out for years, and it’s $9.99 a month. Apple Music is unstable, unreliable, and brand new. It’s $9.99 a month. Personally, I’ll spend my $10 with Spotify because it’s solid and reliable. Apple Music is new.. Don’t you think you need some sort of introductory price to get users more willing to jump ship? (Perhaps $7.99 a month for the first year).

I’m highly disappointed with my trial experience, and I will gladly go back to Spotify Premium. I had high expectations for Apple and you have failed to meet those expectations. Consider my notes not “complaints,” rather notes on what you need to improve on to earn me as a customer.

For some video comments, check out my YouTube video –¬†

Hopefully you will read and consider my comments and I’d love to hear your opinion on my comments.

Thank you,

Christian Taylor.

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