Hey guys,


I recently stopped using Thunderbird as my mail client. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

The search is absolutely horrible

Seriously.. I would search for a term and get totally irreverent results.

The graphics aren’t to my liking

Alright, so I could suck this one up, but seriously.. I’m not a fan of the graphics. I like my flat and clean graphics.

My domain emails stopped working

This is the main reason I switched. My custom domain emails (<email>@drumrocker365.com) just randomly stopped working. After getting really fed up, I decided I was done.

So what am I using now? Inky. It’s free, and simply gorgeous. It works with all of my emails too, and the search is exactly what I would expect out of a search!

Alright, so if Inky is so “great,” did you like anything about Thunderbird better?

Yes. Inky simply isn’t as fast or stable as Thunderbird. This is something I will miss, but to me it’s a fair trade off in return for 90% of my emails actually working with the client.


What email client do you guys use? Drop a comment below!




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